Benefits of Gas-Fired Unit

There are many great benefits of using a gas-fired unit. Some of these advantages include a lower installation cost, more energy efficient, free humidification, and inherent freeze protection. Let's take a closer look at these advantages.

More Energy Efficient

A direct gas-fired unit is more energy efficient due to the location of their burners, which are located in the supply-air stream. This is where all the generated heat is transferred. It is more efficient because energy can be lost when radiant heat escapes through casings or combustion is not realized. In general, a gas-fired unit is 100% efficient, whereas an indirect-fired unit is less efficient. A direct gas-fired unit is more efficient than most other heating sources, too. Electrical-resistance heater may also have a 100% efficiency, but they use a higher electrical output that makes it more expensive to use. Heat pumps also offer a high efficiency, but they lose it when temperatures drop below freezing and then need to be supplemented with electrical-resistance heat at those temperatures.

Freeze Protection

A direct gas-fired unit has no fluids to freeze, which makes it safer to use than other types of heaters. Of course, an electric resistant heater will also not freeze, but they do not operate at the efficiency of a direct gas-fired unit. A direct gas-fired heating unit is the perfect choice for places that are used intermittently during the heating season, because there are no worries of them freezing when used less. Whereas other types of heaters will freeze with intermittent use and thus become more dangerous to use.

Free Humidification

Moisture is one product of combustion that a direct gas-fired supplies. When a direct gas-fired is utilized properly, facilities or processes that require humidification during the heating season may not need additional humidification or may need only lower-capacity humidification systems. The gas-fired unit creates humidity during its use, so, by using a direct gas-fired unit, you can lower installation and energy costs saving you money for other areas of your business.

Lower Installation Cost

In general, a larger direct gas-fired unit has a lower installation cost than a larger indirect gas-fired unit. A gas-fired unit only requires gas piping, which helps to lower the cost. And they do not require a burner-management system or auxiliary equipment like other types of heating units. Whereas a steam system requires a lot more parts, including steam boilers, makeup-water systems, and combustion-air systems. And hot-water heating systems require hot-water boilers, hot-water distribution piping and pumps and more in order to operate.

Applications for Gas-Fired Units

Some common applications for a gas-fired unit includes facilities and processes that have high exhaust and infiltration airflows, large open spaces with a few smaller spaces, and no low-humidity-control requirements. A gas-fired unit is very popular to use in commercial kitchens and restaurants and many throughout the greater NYC area utilize these units on a daily basis. Fitness centers, auditoriums, retail stores, airport terminals, and laboratories are all places that utilize a gas-fired unit.

NorWest is a Supplier of Gas-Fired Units

The use of gas-fired units is prevalent throughout the greater New York City area. A well-designed and installed gas-fired unit offers great benefits, such as being energy efficient and offer reliable heat. Whereas a poorly designed and installed one can cause problems, which is why you should turn to NorWest as your trusted supplier. For more information about our selection of gas-fired units, please reach out to use today.

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