Thru The Wall AC

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What Does Thru the Wall AC Mean?

A thru the wall AC is a cooling option for buildings that do not have central air conditioning installed. These units are on the cheaper end and the cost fluctuates depending on the size of the unit. Some larger units can cool multiple rooms, but most of these units are designed to cool only one room. But no matter how large the AC unit is, its ability to cool additional rooms will always be limited, because the vent that blows cool air is only in one room.

There are differences between a thru the wall ac unit and a window unit. Through the wall air conditioners have a similar look to window units. The biggest difference between the two units is that the vents are on the back of the unit instead of the sides. A thru the wall AC unit does not hang out of the wall like a window unit hangs out of the window. Instead, the back of the rear unit either sits flush with the exterior wall or hangs out, but only minimally. The installation of a wall unit is harder work and is typically considered a permanent installation. At least when compared to a window unit, which installs and uninstalls pretty quickly.

However, do not take a thru the wall ac being permanent as a negative. In fact, its permanence is a source of its benefits. It provides a more reliable use, since it is always in a stable condition. So there is no need to worry about moving it and causing problems.

Experienced PTAC Services

NorWest Air Conditioning & Heating Service Corp has years of experience working on thru the wall AC units. We provide our services for customers throughout the greater New York area, which includes the New York City boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island), Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut. Learn more about the PTAC units we work on and how our services are a valuable asset for many in the NYC area.

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