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NorWest Provides ELITE HVAC Services For Manhattan Area

NorWest Air Conditioning & Heating Service Co offers dependable HVAC services for clients throughout Manhattan. We specialize in working on commercial HVAC units, which are prevalent throughout Manhattan. From apartment buildings, to hospitals, to restaurants, these commercial HVAC units lead to a stabilized temperature indoors. Among our services includes preventative maintenance, repairs, replacement, and installation for new HVAC units. 

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For more information about our professional services, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about your HVAC unit. You can also call our office. The number to dial is 718-747-1009. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and estimate. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today! Our professional HVAC services are available for residential and commercial clients throughout Manhattan.

Services Available For Different HVAC Units in Manhattan

There are many different kinds of HVAC units used in Manhattan, but our services can get the job done for all of them. Here are some of the more popular models that commercial establishments throughout Manhattan utilize and need servicing: Islandaire, Ice Air, Suburban Manufacturing, McQuay International and Applied Comfort.

We understand that there are many prominent HVAC manufacturers out there. So we make sure we know the ins and outs of all of them. If you have any of these HVAC systems, then we can definitely help. And since we are a full-service company, our services extend to sales and parts. In stock, we have heat pumps and water source and gas-fired units. All from these leading manufacturers. So you can get the HVAC unit you want, as well as any of the popular accessories.

What Does HVAC Mean?

HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.” Pretty simple! This technology pertains to both indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. The goal of any HVAC unit is to provide a comfortable air temperature. As well as acceptable indoor air quality for whatever space the air is being used in. You will see these units in large commercial buildings. Since they require some heavy-duty air conditioning and heating, they then require the best and biggest units to create comfortable conditions.

However, HVAC units are also an integral part of residential establishments too. You will find these units in single-family homes, apartment buildings, and senior living facilities. Of course these units are much smaller for single-family homes, but when it comes to apartment building and senior living facilities you see some large units. And these units are relied upon for comfortable living. So it is important that they are in good working conditions. Always. This is where our preventative maintenance services come in handy. Our technicians will come down and make sure the unit is in good condition.

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