Central Air Repair

Call NorWest for expert central air repair or for improvement of heating systems. This includes PTAC, incremental heating units and heat pump adapters.


Packaged terminal air conditioners are commonly used in hotels, hospitals and similar facilities. They are larger than the average AC units you might find in your home. In fact, the standard width is 42”. That’s nearly four feet long. These self-contained machines have the ability to both heat and cool the air in the room. In order to cool the air, heat is dispersed from the back when the coils are cooled.

History of Air Conditioning 

The history of the modern air conditioner goes back to the early 1900s. A mechanism for cooling indoor air was invented by Willis Carrier in Brooklyn, New York.  The device used coils underneath blowing air to cool the temperature. With demand quickly increasing, Carrier founded his own company to manufacture air cooling machines throughout New York and beyond.